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"A game with big dig energy"

What is BTB

What is BTB?


A free, online FPS game that utilizes a hybrid voxel engine to allow for complete environmental destruction, construction and tactical trench warfare.

  • Utilize the environment to construct your best defenses.

  • Fortify objectives and build your own bunkers to increase your chances of survival.

  • The battlefield is completely destructible.

  • Destroy your enemies' buildings or dig your own underground cave systems.

Why Free?


We grew up in the 90's and we can't help but miss the old days of online multiplayer games.

While we see the appeal of microtransactions and loot boxes, we feel that in order to create a true, old school gaming environment; the game must be completely free to play.

If you want to support our vision, consider becoming our Patreon (TBA).


Our Roadmap

With the public alpha releasing (hopefully) sometime in 2023, we'll be launching with the M1 Garand rifle and a DM map.

Here's a sample of the features we want to slowly add to the testing client Once we get the basics up and running:

  • game modes: CTF, TDM, BR and more

  • 6 additional maps and weapons

  • Map editor

  • Streamlined server hosting experience

  • Vietcong soldier model "Charlie"

* Any added content is optional, we want server admins to create whatever experience they prefer.



We're currently developing the game on our spare time, which means mostly during weekends.

We produce devlogs, podcasts, animations and behind the scenes stuff 

Check it:




Our Discord community is steadily growing, enlist and join the platoon.

Talk to us, follow our progress and help us shape the game towards release.

It's every soldier's duty to stay up to date on the latest intel.
Report to our social media platforms for further debriefing.

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